Sunday, February 7, 2010

Day 62 - Does a bad weekend negate a good week?

So I've been pretty proud of myself this week, food and exercise wise. I got all my exercise goals in for the week, and I stayed in or below my calorie range for food! All week! So I'd say that's a pretty huge accomplishment.

Now the problem - I went all hog crazy this weekend. Friday in one of my classes we had a back to elementary school days valentines party, complete with pizza, cookies, cupcakes, and chips and dips. And yes, I ate all of that, and not in moderation :( Saturday was my cousins birthday party, and again there was pizza, chips and dip, and cake, and yes I went all crazy again.

Today I decided, however, that it's a new day. So I can't let it drag me down. Because if I did, then what would that do? It wouldn't make me lose weight any faster, or in a bigger amount. So I just have to move on past the bad points, and focus on the good. And that's exactly what I'm going to do. My new motto is to look at life sunnyside up. So I would like to say that 5 good days totally kick 2 bad days rear. And that's what I'm gonna keep thinking all day today (:

I hope you all start looking at life sunnyside up like me!


  1. exactly! youre smart, most people myself included sometimes think after you mess up that all the work you did was worth nothing but great job and doing amazing!! haha by the way i'd love to talk to you some more not to be a total creep but it's really exciting for me to meet someone my own age on here!

  2. Hey! I just found your blog! You should come 'follow' my friend Kerri & I as we lose/keep the weight off while hitting the books! You're doing great! I feel like every weekend is bad for me...let's do it together!

  3. I think you have the right attitude. Two bad days aren't going to make all of the good disappear. I think we have to let ourselves indulge once in a while (just not all of the time), to keep ourselves sane. I think that when we deny ourselves of *everything* we start to become resentful and that's when we fall off the wagon.

  4. Every meal is a fresh start... remember that.

    I just found your blog... and I recently went from 197.5 to 149.8 (I haven't been below 150 for 9 years).

    I am following you... I know you can do it. I am happy to help you in any way I can... or just to encourage you!!! I want you to feel awesome at your PROM!!!!!

    BTW: Check out my blog for a cool giveaway. Winnder announced on Wed morning.

  5. hey! i've been missing your updates, you should come back!!! =)

  6. heyy where are you! come back!! let us know how you're doing