Saturday, December 19, 2009

Day 13 - Neglect

Okay guys, I know I seem like I have fallen off the blog wagon, but I promise I haven't. I've been super busy this week, and I went out of town to my aunt's, who for some reason, does not have wifi. But I'm back home, and ready to blog again!

I have one milestone that I would like to share with you - I am down a jeans size! I have worn size 14 jeans for the past 6 years, and yesterday I went to my favorite place to buy jeans (American Eagle) and purchased a size, oh yes, 12 jeans. Wow! I haven't been able to wear a 12 sinxe 6th grade! Can you believe that?!?! Now they are snug, but they DO fit! I can wear them out, but I don't want to yet, because I wanna wait till I loose about 10-15 pounds and look a little better in them. But this is extremely thrilling!

So rather than bore you with the details of my humdrum week, I'll go ahead and tell you about my plans for tonight, and tomorrow. Tonight is the Cowboys and Saints game. Now beofre we start, I'm going to give you a very important piece of information: we are DIE HARD cowboys fans. I've been raised to love the cowboys since the day I was born. Literally, they've been the team to watch. Oh sure, I've dabbled in college football teams, and I guess that should be a little more important to me, considering I will be going to college soon. But I LOVE the boys. And I always will.
Some of you may not know a lick about football, or have been living under a rock, the saints have been undefeated this season, at 13-0. So it would be extremely BEAST if we beat them tonight. I'm not saying it will happen, but I'm not saying it won't. I'm saying it CAN happen.

Because I never thought I'd be out of the 200's again. And now I am. Things DO HAPPEN if you try :)

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