Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Day 23 (Not a repeat, I swear) - The dress.

Okay, so normally I only post once a day, but if you've been keeping tabs on my blog, you'll notice it's pretty sporadic. Some days I post every single day, and then I'll skip like 3. It just depends on the time that I have. But never have I posted two posts in one day....until now. (BUM BUM BUM!)

Lol, but on a serious note, I felt the need to share a little anecdote with you from my girl's night out tonight. Today I did my exercising, and was very very good at breakfast and lunch so I could splurge just a super tiny bit at dinner with two of my good friends. So we went, and I got all dressed up, like super glamorous (and may I say, I really looked good). Well anyhoo, on the way home, we were talking about prom, beach houses, dates, yada yada yada, and then BAM. The question is proposed: Do you have your dress?

So I'm kinda like...ugh. Because really and truthfully, no one really knows about my lifestyle change. Like my mom does, and one of my best friends who I walk with does. That's pretty much it. And I know that seems crazy and I should be screaming to the people that I love the most that I'm losing weight, but I don't want to put myself in that boat. Oh sure, people have asked, but I just kinda mumble or change the subject or say no politely. I just don't want to. And this is probably why: When you're a young, overweight high school girl, and you tell people you're exercising and wanting to lose weight - they watch you. And there's always gonna be the people (and what cracks me up is there the ones who have no idea what's "healthy" and what's not) that are gonna ask you when you eat a small cookie or something if you should have that on your diet. And I'm like 1) I am not on a diet. and 2) I did not know that you were my personal trainer and dietician. And why weren't you at the gym with me yesterday or the grocery store? It's really annoying, and it's just like ughhhh. It's not something I wanna deal with, so honestly - I don't. And maybe that's a bad thing. Or maybe it's good. Or maybe it really doesn't matter. Only time will tell.

Okay so back to the most important thing about this post, before I bore you to clicking "next blog". The dress. One of my friends had already bought hers, and the other hadn't. And it was just a general conversation, but they asked when I was gonna get mine. And since, well no one knows about my weight loss adventure, I just uttered a "I don't know" and kinda left it at that. My issue is that I can't just go out tomorrow and get a dress and drop a size, or two, or three. But I mean, I can't wait till the last minute. So now I'm trying to plan exactly when I'll be okay with getting a dress. That should be fun to add to the mountainious to-do list I already have (side note: is mountainious a word?). Anyway, that's my big development for the night. I felt it appropriate, considering that that's the "official" mission of this blog.

But I'm not even sure about that :) Goodnight reader!


  1. This is your thing! You get to decide what works for you. Today you want it to be private but you can change your mind (and change it back) as you see fit. We are complicated people, you and I. Only the smart, strong and sophisticated need ride along on our journey!!! Love reading your blog.

    And, yes, mountainous is a word!


    Best of Luck! You can do this!

    Denise Burks

    PS I have no idea what you should do about the dress. But I do know that it is a "high-class" problem! :-)

  2. lol! Thank you very much denise! I'm glad that you enjoy my blog!Eventually, I will be putting pictures up here. I don't want ya'll thinking I look like a highway sign hahaha.

    And thanks for the dictionary definition! That made my night! LOL!

  3. First of all, I have to say that I was sitting here nodding at your reasons for not telling your friends about your journey. It is hard to keep it from them, but sometimes it is the easiest way!

    About your prom dress- I would look around for dresses but maybe wait to buy one until March or so. I bought mine in July for my August prom. I also had to have it taken out twice, praying on the day that the seamstress would be able to let it out enough so I could wear it. Yeah... It was not a fun day!

    I love your blog! I hope that you have a fantastic NYE!

  4. You have lots of time to find the perfect dress! :)

  5. thanks so much! ive been looking online and kinda getting a feel for what i want. I've decided on the end of March-ish. Because I'll have a month to still plan and not look at the last minute, but also time to see where my body is. I hope that I'm doing some good planning!

  6. Wow-The very first diet I was on was 16 years ago when I was dieting to fit into a prom dress, scary.

    I hope once you lose the weight you keep it off unlike me:( I would wait until closer to the date so you aren't tempted to buy too small and then add pressure to yourself.

    And for those comments from people-they never stop-most people don't have any idea how to lose weight but somehow they still feel like they have tons of knowledge.