Saturday, January 2, 2010

Day 27 - Oh yes, I went to the gym.

Happy New Year everyone! I hope that everyone is having a great start to 2010! I can't believe it's here. It's HERE! This is the year that I graduate high school!!!! Aaaaaahhhh!!!

Haha, okay on to business. This week I made a huge step that I swore I wouldn't do - I went to the gym. For the longest time I refused to go to the gym in the month of January, because it's everyone's new years resolution to lose 10 lbs, and get in the gym. So it's always packed with people skinny as a bone, and they stare at you like "woah big girl, I guess you have a new year's resolution to lose a bunch!" and it'll make you really self-conscious. But at the same time it pisses me off. Because I'm like "who are you?!You've NEVER been here. I've been here a while." Hahahah. I guess it's a humourous situation, but it still grinds my gears.

But yes, I finally decided to go to the gym this week, as everyone made their resolutions. So my bestie and I went Thursday morning, and this lovely Saturday morning. And I'd like to say it was AWESOME! Thursday I biked 10 miles. (Oh yes, 10.) Today I did the weight loss program on the bike and biked 4.5 and walked 1.0 miles on the treadmill, with strength training with the weights on the side. It was AWESOME! I really really really feel confident in having a new roadsign on Monday! Yeaaaahh!!

I hope you all have great resolutions, and that you also have a great weekend :)


  1. Congratulations on your decision to go to the gym.

  2. oh hunny...I remember my Prom..well I actually went to like 3 of them but for my own prom (year I actually graduated) I too had that feeling of "something's gotta give". So glad to read your blog, I feel a little stalkerish on posting a comment on a new blog, but before i do, I like to read and see what your shit's you got good shit! anyhow, good luck to you on your new goals and empowerment. keep it up and you'll get there --just don't let roadblocks take away your determination; instead let them be challanges for you to overcome.

    if you want to check out my other blog panty pyramid ( it's a fun thing that we're doin and would love to have you and everyone else join in on the fun...and sounds to me as if your skinny ass may need some new gitch! all the best!!


  3. About the gym... Think about it this way: You're never gonna see them again. And most of them are too busy concentrating on themselves to care about what other people are doing. :)

  4. Good for you for working it at the gym! The "lights" really bother me too, but then again, it gives me more motivation for what I want to look like! Happy 2010!

  5. thanks guys! you are all very supportive and keep me going :)

  6. Good for you!! I agree with Natalia, most are too busy focusing on themselves! I also applaud you on doing things the healthy way. A lot of the youngers just want the easy magic pill way, lol no such thing!love your blog

  7. Good job going to the gym. Don't even bother with anyone in there...focus on YOU...that's all that matters!!All the best in 2010!!!

  8. thanks so much kat and joania!

    kat - yeah that's true. i'm learning a lot, and I'm really not dieting. I mean when people ask me if I'm on a diet, I'm technically not lying when I say no. I am not dieting - I'm changing how I eat! And I love it!

    Joania - You're so right :)