Sunday, January 24, 2010

Day 47 - In a slump and need a pump

This week has been hell. School has been hectic and I'm behind, and I'm having a lot of health issues. My food was pretty average if not unhealthy, and I only did about 30 minutes of walking on one day, and that was Friday.

This blows big time!

I don't know why I'm in such a rut. I mean, you shouldn't be in a rut when you start, right? That's not good AT ALL. I don't want to quit. I CANNOT QUIT. I just hate it. I have no way of measuring progress because I don't have a scale yet, and I just feel blah. Yesterday I went to Academy to try to jump start my life again. I bought 2 pairs of work out shorts and a pedometer, but I was so sick today, I couldn't even do anything :( I'm just tired of being in this slump.Like I can't get out and I just want to so bad. But it's not happening :(

Why isn't it happening? What can I do? :(


  1. Keep trying to make the right choices. Yes, it's hard. But you've got to keep your goal in the back of your mind. Try to pull yourself out of the sluggish state, or however you're feeling, and try to think good, positive, energetic, healthy thoughts. See if that works. :)

  2. I think that the beginning is the most difficult and you're more likely to get stuck in a rut because you're not used to eating healthy and exercising at all. Just keep telling yourself that it will get easier and that you can do it, not "I should" or "I want to." Plus it's Sunday, which means its the start of a new week and therefore it doesn't matter what happened last week or the week before, it only matters what you do today and tomorrow! You CAN do this!!

  3. thank you guys so much for the advice, it really means alot to me. your encouragement is really uplifting.