Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Day 51 - Cardio and Healing

So I'm out of the hospital! Yay!! And the good news is I just have to go back in the next two days and get treatments by IV. So in my personal oppinion, that's FABULOUS news :)

And to celebrate my breaking out of the hospital, I went to Target and got some fabulous things :) I got 2 new sports bras, and they were on CLEARANCE for $3.47 each. WOOOOHOOO! And then I got Julianne Hough's Cardio Ballroom DVD that I've been lusting after for a good month. I also got some 100 calorie right bite things that were on sale, and it just so happened I had a COUPON in my purse for them! That was God right there! I also got some granola bars for $0.89 a box! Wooo! If I were you, I'd hit Target up - they are having some fabulous sales! Oh and my Cardio Ballroom DVD was only $10 and it came with a free one year subscription to Fitness magazine. It was great! So I rushed home, got my dinner, and went straight to my dvd. Now, please remember I just got out of the hospital, so my energy level isn't as great as it normally is, but I did 15 minutes of Julianne. It was awesome! I'm obviously gonna have to practice, but it was a blast :) I'm so glad I invested in this!

I think I'm finally getting my sunshine after all this time in the dark :)


  1. so glad to hear your out of the hospital
    and you bought a dvd you love thats great
    i too love target lol

  2. good to hear you're better! That sounds amazing dedication right there! And i love coupons..that was God! :)

  3. bee- target is so amazing! getting me in there with a credit card is AWFUL though. I want to buy EVERYTHINGGGGGG!

    kelly- it totally was! I was like WOAH! amazing!

  4. Sorry to hear you were in the hospital. Hope you're feeling fab and have your energy back.

    Congrats on the great finds at Target! I'm green with envy, the closest Target to me is an hour away.

    Looks like a great DVD! Enjoy!