Sunday, January 17, 2010

Day 43 - Back on Track

Hey guys! I am finally back home, and feelin' good! I can honestly say I did pretty okay with my food this weekend. Not anything special, but you know, I'm just glad I didn't hoarde things in my mouth. I am aiming towards a really good week of exercise and eating next week. I have to re-evaluate my goals, and get back on track. I need to remember what I'm doing this for, and why I'm doing it. This weekend I went to the town of my future college with a fellow friend who will also be attending in the fall. Now my friend is just a drop dead gorgeous girl: very tall, very lean, blonde hair, perfect tan. Just a very pretty girl. And I'm well.. just an average looking, pleasantly plump girl. Well going around campus, and just talking to people, my friend got lots of looks, and lots of attention from the males of the school. Me? Not so much. And that's okay, but you know, I want to get to where I'm comfortable, and when I step out I KNOW that I look good. So that's what I'm aiming for.

For the short term, which is prom, I have a little less than 4 months to get down to my goal weight.
But for the long run, I have 7 months to get to the healthy lifestyle, and the healthy body that I want for the rest of my life. I wanna get to where I have the best years of my life at college - not looking back at pictures thinking "Hm? What might of been?" I did that too much in high school. I have to stop doing it. I won't do it anymore.


  1. You go girl! It's tough to stay on track, especially with the stress of college and all that.
    You wont be the invisible girl forever..just remember that!

  2. My daughter, Daven is a freshman in college this year. She is 5'8.5" and has been about 25-30 lbs over her ideal weight since her freshman year in high school. She is a music major so she was in Marching Band all 4 years. She is the most outgoing, energetic, most confident, knows who she is and what she wants kind of girl. Tons of friends (real friends) and popular. To me...she is beautiful. But its her inner confidence and beauty that people truly see...not the extra weight. Since starting college...she does so much walking to classes that she has dropped 25 lbs and feels so much better! I am so proud of her! Dont you worry about YOUR friend and what others see when they look at her. YOU are just as beautiful and people will SEE & KNOW it! I have told this to my daughter since she was little...and Im saying it to you as well: YOU CAN DO/BE ANYTHING YOU WANT TO.....JUST BELIEVE IN YOURSELF!

  3. Good luck to you! I believe in you, and, more importantly, it seems like you believe in yourself, which is GREAT!

  4. thank you very much guys :) your advice is very motivating.