Saturday, January 30, 2010

Day 54 - Lunch sucked!

Okay so I'd like to say that I am doing pretty dang good on food and everything. And my exercise has been pretty fantastic, so I'd like to give myself props for that. Unfortunately, I do not think that it negates the awful lunch I had today. Now don't get me wrong, lunch tasted preeeeettyyyy dang good. It was actually super super good. But was it good FOR me? Absolutely not.

Let me start by saying that Chili's is not a good place for someone who is looking for a low cal meal. Granted that restaraunts in general really aren't great places, some have their perks and their golden menu items that have all the allure and taste of something tantalizing, without all the fat and calories. Unfortunately for me, (and my waistline), Chili's has a very very very small food selection in that good for you. Don't get me wrong, they have the guiltless grill menu options, that all sounded pretty good. And whenever my friend suggested that we go last night for lunch today, I said sure, and did my research! I got online and looked up their nutritional values and planned my meal to a t. It was going to be great! But today, even though I fully prepped myself for this meal, I still got my bovine on and ate like a cow. Well technically. I mean, I will give myself props that I didn't eat every single thing in sight, and I wasn't famished so that's good. But I did chose the triple dipper  (my reasoning? It's smaller portions!) and I ate really slowly and carefully, so that's a plus. But my food choice ended up totaling to around 1700 calories for lunch. I'm supposed to eat 200 calories LESS than that in a DAY! A day!! So that pretty much sucked. But I'm not going to let it get me down. The smart thing would be to skip dinner completely (and believe me, I feasted so I'm sure that I won't want anything. But skipping meals isn't healthy so most likely I'm going to have a 200 calorie or less dinner. And that's okay. I mean, At least I didn't do this for breakfast, lunch, AND dinner. And people do! And with snacks in between! That's crazy.

So lesson learned, when you make a plan actually stick to it! Then you won't have to boo hoo on your blog later (:

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