Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Day 31 - Did you know I weigh 359 pounds?

Okay so before you choke on your gum, I would like to explain that I in no shape or form weigh 359 pounds. Hahaha. But that's what my scale told me when I hopped on it on Monday, which is weigh in day.

At first I was slightly confused. I got off and then got back on. When I tried the second time I weighed 84.5 pounds. A welcome weight (haha I'm kidding), but not my weight. At this I realized my scale was broken. I went online and found out how to recalibrate it, when I looked up the error message that finally came up, but it was no use. I recalibrated it several times, and, nothing. And as I realized my scale was broken, I also realized that my heart was broken too. I don't have the receipt, or even packaging of the scale, so returning it is not really an option. I'll have to go buy another one. And that was a $30 scale, and my mom isn't too thrilled of the idea of buying another scale, as this is about the 3rd broken scale we've had. The digital scales are great, but they are very sensitive, and hard to fix. I'm thinking about researching other brands or what ever and going out and getting one when I finally accept that I have to (this will most likely be by Sunday, as I do not want to miss two weigh in's). But anyway, I went back to school on Tuesday (grudgingly - might I add) and found out that I am now in boy's P.E. for my final semester of high school. I think this might just be a funny way that destiny is telling me to workout. Blah, blah, I've been going to the gym and doing well. And I'm really proud of myself for continuing to go out there in the midst of new year's resolution workouts. That's a reward in itself!

So with that, I leave you without a road sign number change :/ but with  the information of why I haven't told you all my new weight, and a somewhat funny story about my luck with scales.

I hope you all have a great rest of the evening :)


  1. Try the one from Jenny Craig. I got mine in late 2005, and it still works! (Haven't been on the Jenny Craig diet since 2006 though!)

  2. The Weight Watchers scale is a really good one too. I picked mine up at Target.

    I hated P.E. (I wasnt overweight back then though), I just hated the idea of it (especially the Obstacle Courses they would make us do! UGH!). Super proud of you for sticking with it! you can do it!

  3. Good Luck finding a new scale. I hate shopping for scales. My scale now also measures body fat which is helpful.

  4. Wow 359 84 lbs in a minute. That is a heck of a loss :)

    I just found your blog and read your profile. I want to wish you the absolute best of luck. You can do it....

    Good luck with your P.E. class...ugh...just try to make the best of it.